Kiefer Commits to NIC


David Tesch, Editor-in-Chief

Lakeland’s star basketball player for the girl’s team has decided to stay local and play basketball at North Idaho Community College (NIC). 

Addie Kiefer, a senior at Lakeland High School, helped the Hawks in her tremendous senior campaign, being the only senior on the team. Kiefer lead the team in scoring and would rack up the stats sheets on a regular basis. Kiefer also made the Idaho All-Star game her senior year. 

Addie Kiefer grew up in the local area of Kootenai County and got into sports at the early age of five playing soccer. 

Steve Seymour, former girls basketball coach, described Addie Kiefer as “the best kind of player for a coach.”

“She worked hard, she listened, she lead by example, She was really humble, she could score a lot of points, coaches like players who can score a lot of points, and she is a great role model for other players to look up to”. Seymour said. 

Tim Kiefer, weights teacher and former head coach of football, was proud as any father would after learning the news of Addie Kiefer going to NIC for basketball. 

“I was relieved and happy for her, it was kinda a long process for her… It gives her another year of life and decides what direction she wants to go.” Tim Kiefer said. 

Addie Kiefer choose NIC for many reasons. Kiefer had the option to play both volleyball and basketball, was able to live at home, and save some money going to a community college. 

“The main thing is to save some money,” Addie Kiefer said. 

Lila Kiefer is a sophomore at Lakeland who played alongside her sister Addie in basketball and volleyball this past year. 

“I was glad she was gonna stay home,” Lila Kiefer said. 

Addie Kiefer had another school eyeing her for basketball. Eastern Oregon was one of the schools interested in signing Kiefer. Yet, due to the spectrum of degrees other schools had, they weren’t in the best interest. 

“There were a couple of other schools that were interested in her but didn’t have the degree spectrum she was interested in,” Tim Kiefer said. 

Addie Kiefer hopes to bring a “hard-working attitude and talent” to the NIC basketball program. 

Locals in the community will still be able to watch this bright star even after she graduates from Lakeland and attends NIC. 

“I think it’s great for the Lakeland community for Addie to be close, we get the chance to watch her for the next year or two,” Seymour said. 

“She worked hard for a long time, not just the last four years, I’m really proud of her and hope she gets what she is looking for,” Tim Kiefer said.