Bringing Back the Lip Dub


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

This school year, Lakeland High School is doing another lip dub. 

LHS has had a few lip dubs in the past years pre-covid. 

The last lip dub LHS held was in 2019, and this year student council is working hard to make sure this is the best one yet. 

LHS has done two previous years of lip dubs in 2018 and 2019. 

The 2022 lip dub was postponed to be filmed on May 23.  

The council for the lip dub is hoping this year can be the best lip dub yet without as many interruptions. 

“We are trying to make it run smoother. We made a new path for this year, and we’re hoping everyone will not be running behind. In previous years, people have been behind in the video, so we’re hoping it will run smoother this year,” said Olivia Gibson, a freshman on the lip dub commity. 

The commity is very excited for the different songs they are going to use for the lip dub. 

“We have all different kinds of songs. We tried to pick songs that people like and know fairly well,” Gibson mentioned. “Some of the songs we picked are Pursuit of Happiness, 22, It Was a Good Day and The Spins. We feel confident about our song choices and we think students will really like them.” 

Doing a lip dub boosts school spirit and gives students the opportunity to be involved in a school activity that they can look back on. 

“Its basically a thing to spread positivity throughout the school. That is why we have everyone be in it. It’s a fun activity that students can have fun with and express themselves,” Gibson said. 

Students at LHS are very excited to be involved in the lip dub. 

Zoee Young, a student at LHS is extremely excited to be apart of her first lip dub at Lakleand. 

“I am super duper excited. I feel like it is something Lakleand hasn’t done in a long time. Lakeland has been able to do it for the past three years. I just hope people don’t leave before we do the ip dub. If people leave, the lip dub will look stupid because we don’t have enough people,” Youg said. “It’s good to get it back and rolling in action.” 

Another student, Hans Pluid is also excited to participate in the lip dub. 

“I am so excited for the lip dub. The last time I watched one was 2019, so I am excited to see a new one from Lakleand High School. It will be cool to watch the camera go around our whole school and show everything that we offer at Lakeland,” Pluid mentioned. 

Both student council and the student body are very excited for the lip dub and all the fun it will bring. 

Having this event take place will raise school spirit for everyone and bring a good vibe to the school.