Lakeland Students Show Off Cars


Trey South

Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

Spring as we all know is a season of color, life, growth and birth of many animals. The smell of rain on an occasional random day of the week even though it was just 70° previously. 

But driving around one thing you may notice is how many people are driving. Lots of people don’t drive in the snow unless they have to for obvious reasons.

Looking around, especially in the Lakeland parking lot, the number of people there with so many different colored vehicles most likely will catch your eye.

Preston Jeffs, Collin Cameron, Hutton Hegbloom, Trey South, and Cole Davis have all stepped up to show off their cool rides and their amazing posing skills.

First wanting to interview Preston his first initial reaction was, “I’m very opinionated, I literally drive a Ford, but yes my truck is pretty cool.” ‘Fix Or Repair Daily’ is how a lot of people see the brand Ford due to their own personal problems they’ve experienced.

Cole Davis who also drives a Ford states, “She’s mean, my favorite part would be the aftermarket wheels and I wouldn’t necessarily say unique it’s just a truck for high school that will last me until the end of high school prob it’s one of the cleanest most fire trucks at the school.”

Then we have the inseparable duo of best friends, Collin Cameron and Hutton Hegbloom. Ironically that same day Cameron posed with his truck he sold it hours after school. He had the second coolest vehicle in the school and now it was gone.

Cameron, who had a 2001 Dodge, made that truck match his personality, tall and out there. Being on the varsity basketball team made being known by many was easy, especially if you were good. 

“Now take a close-up picture of me because I’m selling it,” Cameron stated, he leaned up against the driver’s side door and put his thumbs up, knowing that would be the last picture he’d taken with it.

Hutton Hegbloom, a wrestler and a football player driving his white two-door Chevy felt the sudden urge to pull a whole stump from the back of his truck and flex with it. ‘Yeah that’s my truck, but it’s nothing special.” 

With the serious poses, some bringing laughter, and others making it look as if they’re the boss of the world and are unstoppable. One aesthetic thing some notice during spring and summer is the way freshly cleaned vehicles look under the mid-day sun. 

Trey South’s truck does just that. He’s the dirt bike guy, who also has a small regular but also not-so-regular Chevy. A truck treated like his child and that has also received a lot of time and effort put into it could let you know from a mile away that ‘Hey! That’s Trey.’ If we can see that far that is.

Trucks are pretty cool especially if people know how to drive them, it makes their physique and personality of ‘I’m a totally baddy’ stand out and ‘move out of the way I’m a truck’