State Student Committee


Annaliese Naas, Staff Writer

Sportsmanship and integrity has been fading. But thanks to the State Student Committee, they are determined to bring that back into our sports.

Ella Terzulli, a sophomore at Lakeland, was chosen to be a member of the Student Advisory Committee, Terzulli plays volleyball and basketball at Lakeland. 

The Student Advisory Committee is a board of members, consisting of students to help lead others to learn and improve and encourage them to engage in school activities and work. 

 “It’s a committee where you go down to a bunch of workshops and put in sportsmanship and integrity,” Terzulli said. 

The committee’s main goal is to bring back sportsmanship and integrity back into work and athletics. To be able to get in, you need a letter of recommendation from the principal, put in an application, and write a 250-word paragraph on why you would like to be selected for it. 

Terzulli said that she wants to improve one specific area of high school athletics. 

“I decided to join because I feel like sportsmanship isn’t a priority as it once was and I want to change that because I feel like it would make it better.” She said. 

Terzulli hopes to increase sportsmanship in the schools in the area and wants to represent the school and all of our values. In terms of responsibilities, she said you have to go down to Boise three or four times a year. 

“They have 21 members trying to focus on values and bring them to the schools” With that being said, their main goal is to bring back pride in the schools and in sports, and I have a feeling they’ll do just that. 

Principal Trent Derrick said “I am super excited for Ella. I know she will do a fantastic job.”