The Learning Curve


Lakeland hawks on the sideline of corbin field

Ezra Benson, Sports Writer

The Lakeland Hawks football team is undergoing drastic change. New head coach Mike Schroeder came in right away and decided to switch things up. The team is in the process of installing a whole new offense and making slight changes on defense.

A system change might sound pretty simple at first, but most don’t realize just how much work it is. Coaches have to learn the new schemes just as well if not better than the players do.

Over the past few years, players and coaches have put in work to learn the previous schemes and instill them in their brains. 

The Hawks are putting in the extra work to install the new schemes. Coach Schroeder puts together install videos for the players ahead of the spring practices that are being held once a week. 

Running back Thomas Calder is going into his senior year, after learning the previous scheme so well, he says it’s challenging to install a whole new offense but he thinks it will lead the team to more success and encourage a more tough mentality across the program, 

“It’s definitely different, I feel like it’s good for us, it helps us learn the game of football better, and I think the spring install practices are very beneficial,” Calder said.

For others, learning the new offense hasn’t been as difficult. Caysen Loutzenhiser will be leading the hawks next year as the starting quarterback in his senior year, he says that it’s a lot easier than it might seem.

 “It’s actually pretty simple, I do my best to stay on top of different offenses. And after learning different schemes it’s not all that bad, it just takes some effort,” -Loutzenhiser said.

As these offensive changes, along with multiple other changes,  are being made, the Hawks will have their ups and downs. Schroeder said he plans is bringing a more productive mentality to the football program and the weight room.

“The verbage is challenging and the learning curve for everyone is going to be different. It’s gonna take time to learn a new system and more importantly a new philosophy. The other biggest challenge is getting all of the coaching staff on board,” Schroeder said.

The hawks are in preparation for summer league which will take place mid June after school get’s out.