Up and Running


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Several Students around Lakeland High School have begun the process of running for elected positions for next year. 

Associated Student Body applications have reached the deadline as of May 6th. However, runners have until May 16th at 4:00 pm to turn in all the paperwork they need. 

To run for ASB, most positions require you to be a junior or senior at LHS. Positions also require a 3.0-grade point average and previous leadership experience. Six teacher evaluations, an interview, approval from Trent Derrick, the principal of LHS, and an oath to office must be made. 

Runners also need 25 signatures each from the freshmen class, the sophomore class, and the junior class.

After the application and paperwork, campaigning for votes begins from May 9th thru the 12th. Signs will be made by runners to try to win over the voters. However, no handouts, such as food items, candy, gum, or anything else, of any kind will be allowed.

Speeches for ASB positions will be delivered on May 13th. Speeches must be positive and any attempts to denounce the opponents are not allowed. No foolish, outrageous, or amusing behavior is allowed either. 

After the speeches, voting will be open for the whole school to vote. Winners will be notified by 12:30 pm on Monday, May 16th.

The ASB President position is running unopposed by Piper Reilly, a junior at LHS. Vice President also only has one candidate, Logan Harris, a sophomore. Jasmin Allen is running by herself in the Treasurer position.

The first position with the opposition is ASB Secretary including runners, Audrey Gibson and Berklie Ogieglo, both juniors. ASB Director of Communications has 3 candidates, Michael Wee, Emma Goad, and Sarah Huxford. All of which are juniors.

Lincoln Wood is running by himself for the newest position added, ASB Spirit Leader. 

Wee is running for the position of Director of Communications because he is tech-savvy, likes making posters, and believes it’s a good opportunity to help the school. Wee has been the Public Relations officer for four years and in total has six years of leadership experience.

“I think running for leadership positions is good because it gets your voice out their and heard. It’s also a good way to help the community,” Wee stated.

Class-specific elections follow a similar process of running. The only difference is a requirement of 50 signatures from your class only. Applications must be submitted by May 16th at 4:00 pm. Campaigning will be held from the 16th to the 19th of May. Speeches will be held on May 23rd and the winner announced shortly afterward.

“If you enjoy anything that happens around the school you should run, and if you don’t you should run to fix what you don’t like,” Allison Knoll, the leadership teacher, said.