Lakeland’s New Mascot?

Lakelands New Mascot?

Hadley West, Opinions Writer

Lakeland High School has been around since about 1960 and soon after the school adopted a hawk as its mascot. 

A hawk is a predator and tough, but is it the best mascot to represent Lakeland? 

Whoever picked yellow and green as our school colors must have been color blind. It is unique, to say the least, but definitely not cute. 

Rebecca Hasz is the Spanish teacher at Lakeland and is often seen with lots of Lakeland Pride. She loves the fierce colors green and gold and states, ¨As a Packers fan I love Green and Gold. My elementary school was also Green and Gold. You could say I was born to wear Green and Gold¨

¨ I think the Hawk is a great Mascot. They represent the Prairie and we are a Prairie school. They are patient, watchful, and fierce. They wait until the perfect time to attack. I think they are a great mascot for Lakeland.. Go Hawks!¨

The agriculture and geography of Rathdrum can be represented by a hawk but there also may be other, better animals to represent our community’s school. 

The students though may not think the same as Hasz. 

Jameson Elliot, a junior at Lakeland High School, ¨ I like the hawk as our mascot¨, Elliot said. ¨The colors could be better, green and yellow don’t look good on clothes. I wouldn’t want to change the colors to anything red or blue because of the schools in our area. I would want something different like maybe black and a color.¨

Personally, I dislike our mascot and colors because it is simply not aesthetic. I do not feel that a hawk can properly represent Rathdrum and our school.

I think that our mascot should be a cow with the colors being cow print and pink. The Lakeland Cows has a ring to it and is very cute. In athletics, the Lakeland athletes could gather together and in unison say  ¨MOOOO¨. Many students are in 4-H and in every corner of Rathdrum cows are seen frolicking.


Another great idea is The Rathdrum Rocks with the colors gray and black. Not only would that be a funny mascot, but our school would have a lot of pride in our color. Every kid wears black and gray every day and it is very affordable when it comes to spirit weeks. Our mascot would be everywhere you looked and would be easily accessible at all times.