Johnson and ISS


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

ISS and detention are never easy tasks to take on from a teacher’s standpoint. 

Whitnee Johnson has taken the job on and has embraced it. 

Johnson has been in charge of ISS and detention for two years. She has been a staff member at Lakeland for three years in total. She is also the JV soccer coach at Lakeland High School. 

Johnson is a very kind staff member, and students at LHS love seeing her face in the hall. 

Johnson thinks that ISS and detention can be effective depending on the person. 

“The first time can usually be effective. After students keep coming back to detention, they usually don’t care as much,” Johnson said. “They’re mostly upset because I have to take their phone.”

Students at LHS are very fond of Johnson. Johnson has been able to get close with students because she spends so much time with them. 

“I love Whitnee. She makes students feel good about themselves. She is very open to students coming to talk to her and never turns anyone down,” says Regan Wright, a sophomore soccer player that has played for Johnson. 

Having students in ISS gives them the time to catch up and gives them an advantage for school work. 

“ISS and detention are great times for students to get ahead in their schoolwork or catch up. They have time to make sure all of their work is done,” said Johnson. 

Johnson believes that ISS has many good things about it that can help a student out. 

“Students have a quiet space to get their work done. They can focus and get a headstart. They also can get an early lunch, which is always nice,” Johnson said.  

Some students enjoy the extra headstart that ISS or detention gives them. 

“I really like all the time I have to catch up, but it drives me crazy to be stuck in the same classroom all day long,” said Emma Zelene. 

Although Johnson is loved by all students at LHS, she has to be stern with the kids that are in ISS or detention.

This involves making sure students are staying on task, not using unecessary electronics and staying quiet. 

Johnson knows that students coming into ISS will not be an easy task. 

“I don’t get frustrated from the resistance that kids give me. I know that it is not an easy job, but I have to be strict with the kids. It’s my job to make sure they stay on task and get work done. It can be hard to do that, but I do the best I can” Johnson said. 

Since Johnson meet s a lot of kids through ISS and detention, she knows many of the kids at LHS. 

Many of the kids are very fond of her, and they will come back just to visit her. 

“I get kids all day long that come to see me. I meet most of them through soccer or ISS and detention. I love having kids see me because it gives me a good idea that I’m doing my job right,” Johnson mentioned.