Senioritis Kicking In


Annaliese Naas, Opinions Writer

Oh seniors — we’re almost there. 

With five weeks left until graduation, many seniors are cutting classes, usually out of pure exhaustion.

I know that I am, especially working four days a week and usually with the night shifts, it can be draining. 

John Keating, an economics and political science teacher at Lakeland, said that many students skip school because they are burnt out from doing school for most of their life. 

When asked what schools can do in order to help the productivity of seniors to help them to show up and work efficiently, “Pay them”. 

Keating said he hasn’t seen a change in work ethic since the beginning of the year, but has seen it at the beginning of the pandemic. 

When I asked him if he ever skipped school in his senior year, he said “I would never, dot, dot, dot.” 

He added “Miss school, miss out”

Jackson Lutz, a senior at Lakeland, said he doesn’t skip school often but only when he is sick he stays home to recover. 

I asked him if he had any regrets skipping school, he said no. Many students who have to skip school due to illness, usually dislike the fact that there is make-up work and lessons they missed out on. 

In terms of what schools can do to help students to work efficiently, Lutz said that schools should help teach students how to manage their time. “My work ethic has definitely gone downhill,” he said. 

We’re almost to the end, we are at a point now where our time and focus should be aimed at schoolwork. As much as we’re tired, and done with it, we are at a vulnerable point now to get things done, turned in or else we will be dragging ourselves behind and have to extend our education in high school another few months or year. 

I miss school days often, usually the result of health conditions such as allergies and even insomnia, that cannot be stopped completely but there are ways to work around such issues, especially with time management.