What Does Rathdrum Need?


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Editor

Rathdrum homeowners don’t have much to work with when it comes to grocery stores or fast food.

If we were to add places to Rathdrum, our small city will grow and even more people will complain about housing prices and the fact that our fields are being sold off for unnecessary purposes.

The fields are “what make up Idaho” the give the place a piece of class and comfort. Usually, wherever you see buildings garbage and trash follow it.

Out in a field, yes there is a disgusting amount of garbage along the edges of the road but there are people here in Kootenai who join a clean-up crew. They’re normally out there for a few hours and some work in groups while others work individually.

Over by Bi-Mart, next to highway 53, there used to be a Subway. If you were to look on your google maps, a Subway would pop up over there but it is no longer in business.

Arguably so, students and parents want to bring that sandwich shop back. Super1, an easy access supermarket, pretty much has all the food-related items you could want.

“We should add a Chick-Fil-A, there isn’t one near us it’s miles away. Plus it’s good so why not.”
Stated, Ben Beamer a junior at Lakeland.

What doesn’t Rathdrum have? We don’t have a furniture store; to get quality furniture or just basic household items, you’d have to go down into Post Falls or Coeur d’Alene.

Due to those cities’ population sizes, the traffic is outrageous and it takes a good amount of time to even get there. The traffic is already slow in the mornings and evenings of the school weak, Highway 41 is slowed down every day which causes the work and school traffic to mix.

There are many companies we could add to Rathdrum but the city would have to take the risk of it growing, a lot of parents are not willing to do that.

Devon Howell, a junior, states, “We don’t need Rathrum to grow anymore, our school isn’t big enough for more people and even if it was, this town would become extremely trashy; nobody wants that.”