Additions and Benefits to Lakeland Parking


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

As we’ve all seen at one point or another, big trucks and SUVs aren’t made to fit into small spaces, the name TRUCK or SUV even throws that hint in your face that hey ‘I don’t fit.’

Though, as high school students, normally the teenagers get small compact cars to get them to their destinations. 

Could Lakeland benefit from a few compact spaces? Most definitely, you could look around our parking lot and see how scattered these small cars are located.

Some choose to park far away on purpose while others just want to get the best spot.

What is the best parking spot, the closest to the entrance of the school or is it the closest to the exit?

Students love to get to their cars fast at lunch and after school, they don’t want to take the time to walk that far to the baseball field just to park, while others see it as a quick and easy way to get out.

For those who don’t know about compact parking, it is for small vehicles that can fit into small easy to get to spaces without having to worry about being too small to see when pulling through a parking lane.

Lakeland could benefit from this due to how many tiny cars there are. There have been multiple instances where a student thinks a parking space is free but there is actually a little car hiding in the crevasses of two larger vehicles.

Students like Blake Adamen and Trey South have smaller two-door trucks that would fit in these compact parking areas.

Tori Haney, a junior at Lakeland, has a small and very obvious yellow two-door car. There have been multiple instances where “I’ve almost been hit, I’m a bright ugly yellow car how do people still manage to almost sideswipe me.”

If we look at our parking lot as a whole, there stand many improvements. Like the entrances and exits within lanes. The amount of parking there is yet students still decide to park incorrectly.