The Mike Schroeder Era Has Begun


Ezra Benson, Sports Writer

The Mike Schroeder era has begun. The Lakeland football team had its first organized spring practice at Lakeland High School on April 20. 

Right off the bat, it was easy to see how Schroeder runs the practice; the team was instructed to “box it up” and stand at attention, much like the military. Players were then instructed to run together as a team around the field, all while staying in their “box,” and then went right into static stretch lines.

After completing their stretches, players were broken up and directed to several different drill stations. Schroeder emphasized organization by the coaches at each station and effort from the players. Another point of emphasis throughout these drills was pad level; players were instructed to play low and break at the hips.

The team then went into install; players huddled up and got instruction from coach Schroeder about the new offense. Then the players took instruction from Cort Milks regarding defense which then transitioned into a pursuit drill.

To end the practice, players went with their position coaches to take instructions. After that, the practice came to an end back on the goal line with players back in their “box” Schroeder addressed the team and discussed the next practice time. 

Chase Burcham is an offensive lineman going into his senior year, he saw that the program is going to look different under Coach Schroeder, “The first practice went good, it looked a lot different, but I liked it,” Burcham said.

Coach Schroeder shared his thoughts about the first practice, “It was a good practice, the energy and intensity were good,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder hopes to accomplish a lot more team installment at the next practice. “We’re a month behind academically as far as Xs and Os, so next week we’re going to install three runs and three pass plays in 1 hour and spend the rest of the time doing technique and individual,” Schroeder said. 

The team and coaches decided that the next practice will commence on April 27. on the practice field.