Tierney’s Last Dance


Liam Bradford, Sports Editor

The Lakeland baseball team is led by a group of standout upperclassmen: Cameron Harris, Garrett Love, Blaze Day, Dylan Dugger, Tanner Vandever, Jacob Schaffner, Sam Pemberton, Payden Wysong, and one who stands out perhaps beyond the rest, middle infielder, Sean Tierney. 

Sean is described as a reliable team leader who keeps it light and makes the game fun for everyone on his team. He has been on varsity since he was a freshman and has now slowly made his way up to one of the primary team leaders after three seasons of taking a backseat to upperclassmen. 

Although Tierney does not tower over his classmates from a physical standpoint, he is a leader of the team emotionally, and some of the younger players on the team try to mimic his habits. Tierney has taken a few young middle infielders under his wing. 

One of Tierney’s fellow infielders, Jacob Schaffner, said, “He usually keeps us pretty true and pumps us up, and he is pretty darn smooth on the field. He brings a funny atmosphere; he’s always joking around; it’s great.” 

Tierney has sneaky power at the plate and a plentiful supply of athleticism. His quick glove in the field will have you hanging your mouth open in the stands after he fields a ground ball and flips the ball from his glove to his hand through his throw in the blink of an eye. 

Tierney credited childhood coaches Kenny Eilmes and Kyle Johnson for helping him get to where he is today in baseball. Referring to the season, he said, “We are starting to play well together and form some chemistry. This team has come together more than we did last year, and I think this group of guys all want to win together. I’m hoping we can pick up a few wins down the road in league games because we have the talent.”

“He’s a good, solid player who’s quick through the ball and has fast hands. His confidence is something that I try to have in my game,g and his ability and raw talent to just flat out play is what makes him such a dangerous player for our team,” said Tanner Vandever, Tierney’s senior teammate.