Coach Seymour Steps Down


Rachel Foreman, Opinions Writer

Steven Seymour, a varsity coach for girls basketball and English teacher at Lakeland High School, has decided to step down from coaching next year. 

Before Seymour came to work at Lakeland High School, he went to North Idaho College in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho, and graduated from Linfield University in Oregon. 

He did his first five years of teaching in southern Oregon before starting his 28 years long career teaching at Lakeland. Coach Seymour started coaching basketball when he first started teaching at Lake High School in 1994. 

Coach Seymour has stated, “I’ve decided to step down from coaching because I have been doing it for 28 years, and I think it’s time to give someone else the chance. 28 years is a long time to be doing something; as I get closer to retiring from teaching, I wanted to do more in the classroom.”

The assistant coach Mrs. Lang has also decided to step down from coaching basketball with coach Seymour.

This is a change for the coaches stepping down, but it will also be a significant change for the girls who are on the basketball team.

Lila Kiefer, a sophomore varsity basketball player, said, “I started on varsity basketball as a freshman, and I enjoyed having Mr. Seymour as my coach. He is a really funny guy, and I am definitely going to miss him as my coach, but I’m excited to see who comes in and becomes the new coach.”

Ziya Munyer, a freshman varsity basketball player, said, “I was super sad when I found out that Coach Seymour was stepping down. When I came into high school, I was excited for basketball season with him as my coach; he was a super good coach. I was disappointed, but I still respect his decision, and I know he’s been coaching for a long time, but it is sad to see him go.”

Seymour said, “I don’t know yet if I am done coaching for good. I have 2 or 3 years before I retire from Lakeland. Anything could happen from now to then.”

Although it is sad to see a coach go who has been working as long as Coach Seymour, it opens the door of opportunity for someone else to step in.

“Stepping down has given someone else the opportunity to have the coaching experience. I don’t know who will become the next coach, but the application process has already started, so we should know soon.”