Who Takes The Crown?

Prom King/Queen Nominees express feelings of Prom.

David Tesch, Editor-in-Chief

Prom 2022 is right around the corner, one of the most famous high school events around the country. A tradition that always happens with prom is the selection of prom king and queen. 

The senior class was given a slip during their government class to fill out who they nominated for prom king and queen. 

After tallying the votes of prom king and queen, the ten people chosen to be on prom court are Olivia Staudinger, Lucas Williams, Sydney Garrity, Dylan Dugger, Addie Kiefer, Jared Rings, Grace Benson, Ricky Hainey, Gabi O’Neal, and Sam Pemberton. 

Each one of these students has had an impact on Lakeland in many different ways.

Olivia Staudinger

Olivia Staudinger is a two-sport athlete who participates in Volleyball and Softball. Staudinger was a crucial part of the 2020-2021 varsity volleyball team that had a clean sweep at state and won the 4A State Championship, the first one at Lakeland. “I thought it was cool,” Staudinger said about being nominated for prom queen. “I think it should be fun since it’s at the fairground, it’s a new different place,” Staudinger said about her expectations of prom this year.


Lucas Williams:

Lucas Williams is a two-sport athlete at Lakeland, who plays both football and wrestling. Williams has made state in both sports, making state two years in a row in football and placing 5th in the state tournament at Wrestling this year. “Shocked… I’m interested,” Williams said about his nomination of prom king and excitement for prom this year.


Sydney Garrity:

Sydney Garrity is a varsity swimmer at Lakeland, who made it to state this year. “I was really excited, I was surprised because I didn’t think I would get nominated, it was kinda a joke at first,” Garrity said about learning of her nomination. “I’m excited to go there and see everyone’s dresses, I love seeing what everybody picked to wear to prom,” Garrity said about her thoughts on prom.


Dylan Dugger:

Dylan Dugger is a varsity baseball player at Lakeland. “No not really, I was kinda surprised, They told me whoever had it before couldn’t do it and I was the next one up,” Dugger said about being nominated for prom king. “I’m excited, there will actually be food there and the fairgrounds more relaxed,” Dugger said about his thoughts about prom.


Addie Kiefer:

Addie Kiefer is a three-sport athlete at Lakeland, who was the lone senior on the basketball team this year. Kiefer also helped Lakeland win its first volleyball state championship in her senior year. “I’m excited…people keep saying it’s weird that it’s at the fairgrounds but I think it will be cooler,” Kiefer said about the upcoming prom dance.


Jared Rings:

Jared Rings is a varsity basketball player who played on the 2020-2021 basketball team that went to state. “It will be a cool experience, I’m excited, it will be fun to hang out with friends,” Rings said about the upcoming prom dance and his nomination for prom king.



Grace Benson:

Grace Benson is a varsity cheerleader who was a crucial part of Lakeland winning four straight 4A District Titles. “Definitely surprised, I didn’t think people would nominate me…I think it’s a good experience that people need in high school, so I’m definitely excited about it,” Benson said about learning of her selection in prom court.


Ricky Hainey:

Ricky Hainey is a KTEC student at Lakeland, who plans on going into the military, specifically the US Navy, after high school. “I was pretty surprised, I never thought I would ever be picked for that, pretty cool,” Hainey said about learning of his place at prom court. “I’m pretty excited, it’s the last time, the last big school activity so it should be pretty fun,” Hainey said about his expectations of prom this year. 


Gabi O’Neal:

Gabi O’Neal is a varsity golfer and part of the Hello Hawks class at Lakeland. “I was shocked and surprised, I honestly didn’t believe it,” O’Neal said about her thoughts on being nominated for prom queen. “Really excited for the DJ and the dance floor,” O’Neal said about the prom dance.  



Sam Pemberton:

Sam Pemberton is a varsity baseball player at Lakeland. “I was surprised…(prom) should be fun,” Pemberton said about his nomination and thoughts about his final prom. 



These lucky seniors are paired up together and will be voted on who wins prom king and queen at the prom dance on April 16 at the Fair Grounds in Coeur D’ Alene.