The Hunt for a New Superintendent


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Doctor Becky Meyer, Lakeland School District’s superintendent, has recently jumped ship from Lakeland. Meyer will be returning to where she began her career, Lake Pend Oreille School District, to become the superintendent there. 

Meyer has been the superintendent at Lakeland since 2016 but will be officially joining LPOSD on July 1, 2022, once final contract negotiations have finished. 

In an interview with Bonner County Daily Bee on March 25, 2022, Meyer said, “I professionally grew up in this community; this is my home community. When I left in 2016, I knew I’d eventually come back.”

Meyer also stated in the same interview, “The staff in this community [LPOSD] and the teachers will go to the ends of the earth for every single student, and they’re willing to think outside the box, and you just don’t find a lot of staff that are really willing and committed to that, I’m excited for that and to work with the staff.”

Michelle Thompson, Trustee of Zone 3 and Chairman of Lakeland’s Board, believes that Meyer is excited to return to her original district and wishes the doctor the best of luck.

As of April 7, 2022, no applicants have applied for the position. The job advertisement has been posted with a long list of qualifications needed.

Applicants need an Idaho Administrative Certificate Endorsement for Superintendent, excellent communication skills, and experience as a teacher, building administrator, and district administration experience.

Strong leadership skills and a thorough understanding of teaching, learning, and school administration are also essential for the position; the Board of Trustees also is looking for someone who is able to partner with staff, students, and parents. Applicants must also establish residence in the Lakeland Joint School District and have strong financial management skills.

The Board is also looking for applicants with a clear vision of excellence and a passion for learning. Applicants also should have a “student first” philosophy that also enhances student performance. 

The job description for the superintendent position includes carrying out goals and objectives from the school board, recruiting and hiring qualified staff, maintaining the many areas of academic excellence within the district, and developing programs throughout the district.

Applicants need four to six letters of recommendation, a formal letter for application, and a statement explaining their qualifications and experiences. 

The application for the position closes on April 30, 2022, at 4:00 pm.