Hawks fall to Bears; Swept by Lewiston


Malia Batman, Staff Writer

On Saturday, April 9th, the Lakeland Hawks Varsity Tennis team went down to Lewiston and Moscow. 

At 6:30 the team went down to Lewiston to compete against the Lewiston High school Tennis team. 

The team arrived at the high school with a blue sky, sunny, and with high-speed winds, and the tournament began. 

During the tournament, the winds really picked up, causing the ball to go the opposite direction and causing Lewiston to get some points from the Lakeland team. 

Dylan Malcolm played number three boy singles for the Lakeland Tennis team. In the first set, he lost  0-6 and in the second set, he lost 0-6. 

Malcolm states that “ I could’ve tried harder, but the confidence boost I got from coach Ryan really helped.”

Malia Batman played number three girls singles for the Lakeland Tennis team. In the first set, she lost 0-6 and in the second set, she lost 1-6. 

Faith Broadwater played number two singles losing to Lewiston in the first set 1-6 and in the second set 2-6. 

Broadwater states “ I played decently, the wind definitely got to be a little bit. It was a struggle to get used to but I’m proud of how I did considering the adverse weather conditions.”

Michale Pearson and Alison Radar played number two mixed doubles. They lost in the first set 1-6 and in the second set 1-6. 

Pearson states “ We have good communication and we played decently well.”

After all the matches had ended the total score was 0-12, with the Lewiston Bengals taking the win. 

On the way to Moscow, the team experienced some serve weather conditions that includes fast winds, hail, and snow. 

When the team got to the tennis courts it was sunny with blue skies and light winds but that was all about to change. 

During the first couple of minutes into the match, the weather went to high-speed winds, hail, and snow, but the team continued to play strong. 

Dylan Malcolm played again number three boy singles and lost the first set 3-6 and won the second set 6-1. Malcolm had to play the third set and went into a 10 point tiebreaker to see who won overall, and ended up losing the tiebreaker 8-10. 

Malcolm states “ I played hard and has a lot of fun, the team had good sportsmanship and it was a super close game.”

Malia Batman played the number three spot for the varsity team. She won the first set 6-3 and the second set 7-5. 

Faith Broadwater played as number 2 girls singles. Broadwater won her first set 7-5 and lost her second set 4-6 making her and her opponent go into a third set losing the tiebreaker 3-7. 

Broadwater mentioned “ I played really hard this match, and the fact that it was over two hours is crazy. I’m confident that I can win the next time we go against Moscow.” 

Michale Pearson and Alison Radar played number two mixed doubles and lost the first set 4-6 and lost the second set 2-6. 

Pearson states “ I need to work on my backhands personally but as a team, we did good overall.” 

Overall the Lakeland Hawks lost to the Moscow Bears 4-8. 

The next match the Lakeland Hawks have is home on Tuesday the 12th against the Sandpoint Bulldogs and Thursday home against Couer d’ Alene Charter Academy.