Teacher Work Day


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

Friday, March 25th is a teacher workday here at Lakeland Highschool. Students of all grades are hands down more excited about this than the teachers are. 

A handful of teachers have talked about how they can go home and go about this workday. The purpose behind this is so teachers can finish grading students’ assignments for the end of this semester.

Due to the following week being spring break teachers are not going to think about grading over this 10 day-long break. Especially since the last break we had was in December.

Though juniors lucked out the previous week on Thursday with an online workday, the entire school gets an extra day for spring break. 

Sadly every school has a handful of students who will finish assignments weeks and weeks after their due date and try to get them in the last second which has a huge impact on the teachers because of however many there may be in each of their classes. 

Everyone has at one point been late to turn in an assignment but have they thought about how it may affect their teacher. 

Some teachers assign end of the quarter work that way they can use their teacher workday to its fullest extent. Mr. Pitassi has been helping his students prepare for the SATs and assigning them to work that way they are relatively near the point of feeling comfortable with the English portion.

So far, not much is known about the math teachers helping their students prepare but I bet there are a small number of them across the district. 

Coach Munyer believes that “It’s good for students and teachers to take a pause and get caught up and like restart and move forward. Kind of like a clean slate kind of thing and move on.”

Parents may disagree with the fact that students are taking this Friday off, like my own, for reasons like they should be grading whenever they assign something. Or they disagree with the fact that they get to go home and work on grading where they can perhaps get distracted. 

Teachers who work for the art, pottery, international cuisine, stagecraft, or welding classes most likely don’t have that much to grade due to their classes being almost entirely hands-on.