Tennis Battles Post Falls

Hanna, Andres win first match of the season.

Malia Batman, Staff Writer

As the second tennis match of the season is done and over with the Lakeland Tennis team has a lot of encouraging things and improvements to do for the rest of the season. 

The Lakeland tennis team had their match against the Post Falls Trojans on Mar 22nd. At two separate locations, they split up and see what the team could make happen. 

All of the doubles teams stayed at Post Falls Highschool. 

Toby Tebbe and Owen Forsman played their first match with the Lakeland varsity tennis team during the Post Falls match. The duo team ended up losing their match with an ending score at 1-6 their first set and 3-6 their second set.  

Forsman says “ I feel like we did good. We just had a tough time communicating and we could have done a better job returning serves.” 

Alisha Davidson and Suzy Nichols played as number two girls doubles during the Post Falls match. Their ending score for 0-6 for their first set and 0-6 for their second set. 

Nichols says “ We won in our minds.” 

Brady Hanna and Cole Andres were one of the four doubles teams to stay at Post Falls Highschool. They left the courts yesterday with their first victory under their belts. They won 6-4 and in their last set 6-1. 

Hanna says “ We started off slow but reeled it back in towards the end and we stayed positive.” 

While the singles players played at a different spot during their match, they played at the park at Poeline street and Spokane street. 

Elle Brown played as Lakeland’s number one girl single. Brown lost her first set 1-6 and her second set 4-6. 

Faith Broadwater played as Lakeland’s number two girls singles. Broadwater lost her first set 2-6 and her second set 0-6. 

Broadwater says “ I think my serves were pretty good and was the high point of my match.” 

Brown says “ I think I came alive the second half and I wished I had that intensity the whole way through.” 

Alex Brown played as Lakeland’s number one boy’s singles. Brown lost his first set 0-6 and his second set 2-6. 

Brown states “ It was a tough match out  there and I got a couple of points out there but there is a lot of room for improvement and we still have Lake City on Thursday, so I have time to change and prepare for then.” 

Ryan Gentemen played as Lakeland’s number two boy singles. Gentlemen lost his first match 0-6 and his second set 4-6 

Gentemen says “ I thought I did okay the second set.”

The next match the hawks get to play in will be at home on the 24th against the Lake City Timberwolves.