Online or On Paper Learning?


Hadley West, Opinions Writer

March 13, 2020, many students’ lives changed on this day when the school shut down and put us into quarantine. Learning became different and changed the atmosphere of school. 

After the quarantine learning more teachers started adding it to their curriculum and making computers a key aspect in their classroom. 

When I talked to Emma Hinebaugh she did not like online learning and said It was very difficult because the school is not set up for that curriculum. The teachers do not know how to teach in that way… I prefer pen and paper learning over virtual¨. 

The school giving all students computers is a waste of money when we have a computer lab that is rarely used by many students and is just sitting there.

With google easily at reach the chances of students cheating is much higher because of the copy and paste feature. When all you have to do is press two buttons to complete an assignment the brain will not take in the information at hand.

For the teacher’s side of the subject I talked to Rebecca Hasz, she doesn’t like online teaching and using computers for things like Quizlet and Kahoot.  

¨ I love the energy in the classroom, it often drives the direction of the lesson. Most of my student feedback forms stated that they preferred good ole fashion paper and pencil, and for the initial learning process I would agree,” Hasz said. 

¨ I think computers have already had an impact as to how we do our jobs. Sadly they have created a situation in which the ability to focus on any one task for a long period of time has deteriorated,¨ Hasz added. 

From both a teacher and student perspective online learning is not preferred. The good old-fashioned way is the only way to learn effectively, but computers will never leave now that they have entered our society. 

In one hundred years people will be learning with a virtual teacher and will not even remember what paper looks like.

I personally hate working on computers for all my classes because I don’t feel that I remember it all and actually learn the subject. In many classes, I often just take the notes on paper anyway so that I actually remember it and pass the test for that subject. 

Doing the curriculum online is ultimately unrewarding and unhelpful.