Prom Around The Corner


Annaliese Naas, Opinions Writer

In a month, LHS students will be able to attend prom on April 16. 

The prom starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m., but the dinner starts at 7 p.m. Tickets will cost $45 which includes the catered dinner that you will order when you purchase the tickets. The dinner will be catered by Olive Garden. 

Ms. Knoll, a teacher here at Lakeland Highschool said “This is a formal event and while the dress code will not be the same as a regular school day (spaghetti straps/strapless, etc.), we ask that you keep it appropriate.” 

Ms. Knoll said that the dinner that you order while purchasing the ticket, will be catered by Olive Garden and they will try to get Gluten-Free options.

Originally, prom was scheduled to be at the Coeur d’Alene Resort,” Ms. Knoll said it would be pricey to rent a place in the Coeur d’Alene Resort. 

“I refused to increase ticket prices an absurd amount for the students just to have it in the same place as last year so we began looking for other venues,” Ms. Knoll had said.

She said that they were lucky enough to find an opening at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds which would charge us quite a bit less. That, in turn, means that we can spend more money on a DJ and a catered dinner. 

Ms. Knoll hopes people don’t think of the fairgrounds and think of horses, cows and dirt, because we will be far away from the animal stalls. Ms. Knoll mentioned that when looking at pictures of the fairground, they saw Walter and Connie Glass in the front row of a dancing event and she took it as a sign to book that location.

“In terms of safety, we will be breathalyzing everyone as they enter and there will be many chaperones as well as the admin team.” Ms. Knoll said.

The prom is being organized by two students Suzanne Nichols and Emma Goad. 

“As chair of the prom committee, I am in charge of making sub-committees, budgeting, managing, organizing, and making the overall decisions for the prom,” Nichols said.

As a committee they are responsible for organizing prom court, finding a DJ, catering, decorating, finding a venue, getting volunteers, and contributing to the overall budget planning. 

“The theme was chosen by the student council rather than our prom committee. We brought together the junior and senior class councils and just threw out ideas until we all agreed on one theme.” Nichols said. 

“We combine junior and senior prom together every year, and only these grades are allowed to attend prom unless freshman and sophomores are invited by an upperclassman.”