Lakeland’s First Match of the Season


Bo wilding and Maddie Hersh get set

Malia Batman, Staff Writer

Lakeland had an away match Mar 17th at Coeur d’ Alene highschool. This match marks the first official match of the 2022 tennis season. 

Addie Raebel and Ellie Carlson are Lakeland’s number one girls’ double team. They have been number one for a couple of years now and they competed against Coeur d’ Alene Vikings.

Their ending score was in the first set 3-6 and in the second match they ended at 2-6. 

Raebel says “ The second set I did much better but it was a good match.”

Bo Wilding and Maddie Hersh are playing their senior year as Lakeland’s number one mixed doubles. Wilding played singles his junior year and Hersh played mixed doubles. 

Their ending score against Coeur d’ Alene ended in the first match 4-6 and in the second match 3-6. 

Wilding stated, “ Not too bad for a first game but a lot of improvement for the rest of the season.” 

Brady Hanna and Cole Andres are Lakeland’s number one boy’s doubles. Brady Hanna was number one boy’s doubles and Cole was number two boys doubles for the 2021 tennis season. 

During the second match, Andres realized that his racquet was broken, with a crack in the frame of his racquet. 

The hunt for a new racquet for Andres to use for the rest of the match became desperate, luckily Hanna always carries three racquets with him at all times and had an extra one for Andres to use. 

Yesterday, in their match against Couer d’ Alene they lost their first set 4-7 and their second set 4-6. 

Hanna stated, “ I feel like me and cole really need to work on our confidence and keeping it light and positive, we know we have the ability to translate it onto the court.” 

Alex Brown is a junior at Lakeland Senior Highschool and is Lakeland’s number one boy’s singles player. 

Brown lost both of his sets 0-6 against Coeur d’ Alene. 

Brown states “ I felt like my performance wasn’t as good as it was compared to his.” 

Elle Brown is a senior at Lakeland Highschool and played against Coeur d’ Alene. Over her years of playing on the tennis team, Brown has always been a singles player. 

Playing at the number two spot her junior year and now playing number one for her last year. 

Browns’ first match ended in 0-6 and her second match ended in 0-6.

The Lakeland Hawks will be traveling to Post Falls Highschool on March 22.