Four Sports, Two Gyms


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

Due to the weather, Lakeland High School sports have had to practice indoors. 

The gym has had to be shared between tennis, softball, baseball, and track for the start of the spring sports season.

Finding space for all sports has been a challenging task to sort out. 

On account of the lack of space, practices have to be spread out in the afternoons to find resources. 

Softball has found other places to practice until the fields are ready to be played on. 

The softball has gone to Premier Sports Center and North Idaho Gymnastics in order to find places with more space. 

The athletic director, Matt Neff, has let the coaches deal with a lot of the planning out to see what works for the different sports. 

“We have good coaches that coordinate with each other and work together to take care of the schedules. I just told them to coordinate with each other so that everyone is happy with their schedules, “ Neff said.

Each sport will get to decide when they want to start practicing outside. 

“It’s really just up to each sport to decide when their fields are ready to be played on. Girls softball has gone outside already, track has been practicing and so has baseball,” Neff mentioned. “It’s just so weather dependant, so it’s up to each sport to decide what they want to endure, so the coaches just have to decide what is best for their team.” 

Baylee Frank, a sophomore on the softball team, has had to adjust to practicing indoors and later practices. 

“I think practicing indoors is okay because it’s warmer, but I think practicing outside is more fun,” Frank said. “I think late practices are okay as well, but I like the early practices more.” 

All of the sports have been able to go outside the week of March 18. 

Softball and baseball’s field have been harder to play on due to all the rain and snow Rathdrum has got. 

Softball junior-varsity will be practicing at Majestic Park for the fields, hopefully eliminating the use of the gyms. 

Track was able to have a meet on March 16 with Coeur d’ Alene and Spirit Lake. 

As the weather gets better, the sports are able to start going outside for practices and get in full motion for the start of their seasons.