Star of the Show


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

Lakeland High School drama has many talented students who are very actively involved.

Kiley Scheib, a junior at Lakeland High School is no exception to this. 

Scheib has been involved in theater since she was in eighth grade. 

 “Starting in eighth grade, I did a couple of plays for my middles school. Unfortunately, I was not able to do any more plays until sophomore year,” Scheib stated. “I was in The Diary of Anne Frank, 30 Horrible Catastrophes of Middle School, and a bunch of little skits and plays that we did for the Night With the Stars last year.”

Scheib always felt connected to theater and felt like that was a place where she could be her true self. 

“I really got into theater my eighth-grade year. It is something that really helped me when I was going through a rough time. It has kinda become like my safe space,” Scheib said. 

Being surrounded by other kids in theater, Scheib feels like she found people that are like a second family to her. 

“We are a really close-knit community, it’s like a family; It does come with all the problems of having a family, but it is just nice to have people that enjoy the same things,” Scheib said. 

Theater has been extremely busy this year and Scheib has many things to focus on, including school work. 

“It has been hard to balance everything. We have had to push back Acting 2’s play, and we are adding new material for other things. I am juggling three different plays right now and I know other people that are doing the same thing, so that’s a challenge,” Scheib mentioned.

Scheib is very thankful to be a part of Lakeland theater. 

“We have an amazing program at Lakeland. I do wish we had a little bit more funding, but that is a general problem with many art programs,” Scheib said. 

Scheib has made many memories while acting at LHS.  

“Night With the Stars has definitely been my favorite memory in theater. I won a few class-elected award. Finding out that my classmates thought so highly of me was just mindblowing. I was very honored and happy. I also had tons of fun at districts this year,” Scheib said. 

Scheib is looking forward to what else LHS theater has in store for her and the memories that will come along with it. 

“I’m excited for the musical, which will be my first one. I’m excited for Steel Magnolias, I can’t wait to watch Acting 1’s play and I’m also excited for this year’s Night With the Stars,” Scheib said. 

Allison Knoll, the theater teacher is very glad to have Schieb in her class. 

“I think she is a really hard worker. She has passion for it, and not all kids have that. She is a really good kid to have in theater,” Knoll said.