A Man’s Best Friend


Hadley West, Opinions Writer

Man’s best friend? Often a dog takes this title but people have many different furry, scaly, bald, or feathered friends. The Lakeland High School student body is full of individuals with all sorts of different kinds of pets.

Ty Davis, a junior student at Lakeland High School, has cats and cows at his house as pets and guessed that about 80% of his day revolves around his animals. Davis believes that a man’s best friend is a cow. 

“It is very disheartening to lose a pet and it feels just like losing a family member,” Davis said. 

I see why a cow would be a man’s best friend, because they feed us and give us milk, are cute, give many people a job, and give people something to do every day. It is more difficult to make a living just by raising dogs, and usually, people should not eat a dog or get any milk from a dog. 

Sydney Garrity, a senior at Lakeland High School, has a dog named Sky that makes her life better because she is cute. Her life would be different if Sky was not around because without her no one would be as excited as she is when Sydney gets home from school.

“A man’s best friend is someone or something that makes someone laugh and smile,” Garrity said. 

The idea that someone or something that makes you happy is your man’s best friend is a logical idea and makes sense. In my opinion man’s best friend is a dog because many of the animals I have had could care less about whether or not I am breathing as long as they get fed, but a dog lives and breathes for you. My puppy Willow is my best friend and even though she can not talk, she is an amazing listener

In the past three years, I  lost two dogs around ten months old, way too soon. When a pet goes to animal heaven it is losing a family member and can be hard to move on from. 

Pets can improve mental and physical health tremendously and encourage everyone to at least try to have a pet of their own.