The Best Batman Ever?


Avery Scott-Fudge, Features Writer

The latest reboot of the long-running Batman series was released on March 4, 2022. This film was met with mixed reviews, on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Those that think the movie was great, seem to think it was one of the best movies they have ever seen, whereas people that thought it was a disappointment felt it was one of the worst movies they have ever seen. 

When a franchise is rebooted, the actors are replaced completely. This time, the Batman selected was Robert Pattinson, who was well known from Twilight.  Another well-known actor was Colin Farrell who played the Penguin

The runtime of this movie was a whopping three hours, which some felt was far too long. Including student Brady Hanna who said, “There were a lot of areas where they could have shortened it, and a lot of unnecessary scenes.”

The story begins with the Riddler and it follows his quest for what he perceives as justice, while Batman attempts to stop him all throughout the film. He assists the police, while he tries to save Gotham. 

I felt the story could have ended 5 times before it actually did. The plot seemed drawn out, and I think the three-hour runtime was excessive. There were several places where they could have moved on with the plot and they chose not to. 

One student that thought the movie was one of the best he has seen shared his opinions on the movie. 

Zack Roses said, “It was a very good, action-packed movie, with a very good plot and a great wardrobe.” “Great line of cast, and all around was very good considering it was a new movie for Batman.”

Zack felt the movie was a well-rounded film especially because it was a reboot. 

Professional movie critics also had rave reviews about the film. It was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an 86% on their “Tomatometer”

Amateur critics also felt the movie was well done, with Batman earning an average rating of 4.2 stars, out of just over 17,000 ratings on Google. 

However, another student, Blaze Day, did not feel this movie was very good. “The plot was scattered, it was too long, and did not make much sense.”

While I believe this Batman was also too long and the plot was poorly written, the majority of students and online reviewers feel it was one of the best in the history of Batman.