Gas Prices Rising


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Almost anyone who drives has been complaining about gas prices continuing to rise around the world. In Idaho, prices have increased nearly double per gallon at the state level. 

Prices have nearly reached 4 dollars in Rathdrum. In comparison, about a year ago, it was around two dollars. 

Kootenai County’s average cost per gallon is 3.92 dollars. The highest cost in the state is in Camas County at nearly 4.60 dollars per gallon.

John Keating, an Economics teacher at Lakeland High School, thinks there are three reasons for the rise in gas prices.

Keating said, “We have increased demand around the world, a shortage for gas, and a rising cost to produce it. People are more in need of gas than a year.

Keating doesn’t believe that the price of gasoline will continue to rise over the next couple of months. 

“Wars in the world are interrupting gas lines, and it also causes shortages. The factors are doubling off of each other and causing a rapid increase in price,” Keating said.

Mathew Williams, a junior at LHS, believes the increase in gas prices is due to the closing of the Keystone Pipeline and feels the impact of it.

“With the rising of gas prices, it’s definitely dwindling my money right now. I don’t think Joe Biden is doing a good job with keeping the prices down. I hope it goes down soon,” Williams said.

At the time of publishing this article, The Office of Presidential Correspondence did not give a direct response to any of the questions asked about his plan to lower gas prices.