“Time” for Some Changes?


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

As a student who wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning for school, throughout the day, I am absolutely exhausted. The first few periods I can manage, and, in fact, I won’t feel tired at all.

But once 4th period hits, focusing becomes one of my biggest obstacles.

Almost every student has had a late start in elementary school, along with a few in middle school. As for high school which feels like it’s never going to end, students have been asking for a longer school day.

Sleep is a priority to most, and others’ sleep can be looked at as if it were an option. A student working a part-time job working full days on the weekend and even some after school will value their sleep more than a student who stays up and plays video games or just does whatever they want during their free time.

Even though sleep has recently been an issue due to students being burnt out starting the second semester. The amount of time students receive for lunch isn’t enough, currently Lakelands lunch period is half an hour. Students are also given the opportunity to go off campus to wherever they please.

What’s better? Starting school at 8:35 instead of 7:35? Or giving students a longer lunch making their choices more obtainable.

Jayden Knutson, a former student at Lakeland states, “That’s a hard choice, but maybe longer lunches, a lot of people have to wait in lines and such and most of the time have nearly no time to eat.”

Driving to where you need and want to go can become a hassle especially when drivers are trying to avoid the people who walk to their lunch destinations. Not to mention they don’t really care about vehicles who are headed towards them.

Lines at lunchtime are extremely long, and the worker’s motivation to get the line cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible isn’t as high as it should be around lunchtime. With that, having a longer lunchtime or at least giving students an excuse for being late due to lines should be an exception.

There have been multiple cases where students get stuck in a line at McDonald’s, which is more common than Taco Bell due to it being closer, could take up to 15 minutes after you order your food because of bigger orders, shortness, and/or motivation of staff.