Pet Peeves at Lakeland


Hadley West, Opinions Writer

A pet peeve is a certain thing that someone does that bugs you every time it happens in front of you. Everyone has a pet peeve of some sort. Whether it is something small like cracking knuckles or something big like random punching of people. 

The students and teachers probably have very different pet peeves. Starting with the teacher’s side, Tim Keifer is full of opinions and pet peeves. 

“Generally speaking, excuses and arguing about their excuses… another big one is when students urinate on the floor when I don’t let them go to the bathroom quick enough,” Kiefer said. 

Obviously, I think I would be a tad bit annoyed if people constantly went to the bathroom, but excuses I understand.

Personally, I am full of excuses and excuses about my excuses, but I still pass school and get stuff done eventually. 

From the student side of this topic, Collin Cameron is also full of opinions and pet peeves. 

“My pet peeve, in general, are people chewing loud, but my school pet peeves are students being mean to the subs when they try to be funny,” Cameron said. 

Some individuals gave small responses when I asked them about their pet peeves, some of the responses they said were: 

¨Lack of self responsibility¨- the Lakeland High School librarian, Melissa Brumbaugh.

¨Lying to me¨- the detention teacher, Whitney Johnson. 

¨Singing loudly over the music¨- a junior at Lakeland High School, Brady Hanna. 

¨Thieves and Liars¨- The Lakeland High School armed guard, John Hatcher.

Everyone has pet peeves for some reason, when I researched why this happens says experience or exposure to a negative experience creates a bad connotation.

Teachers annoy students and students annoy teachers. It is just the way the school teacher-student relationship works. I think everyone’s pet peeve is valid in their own way mostly because a pet peeve can be anything.

I have so many pet peeves when I am in a school full of lovely young adults. My main pet peeve is when men can’t just close their eyes and swallow their spit. Instead, they decide to slobber everywhere and anywhere and always in such a beautiful way. I usually don’t see girls do it but when they do it is that much worse. 

Don’t spit on the floor, it is nasty!