Student Council Goes to State

Lakeland Student Council goes to conference in Boise


Lakeland High School student council shows Lakeland spirit at state

David Tesch, Editor-in-Chief

Lakelands Student Council went on a State trip down to Boise from Feb. 28th to Mar. 2nd. 

For Student Council, state isn’t like other clubs or sports. State is an event where tons of schools in Idaho, small or large, visit down to Boise and hold a conference. 

This conference includes break-out meetings, where students choose which ones to go to and learn a lot of school spirit and leadership skills. Students had over 36 different break-out meetings to choose from. 

One of the bigger moments that happened at State was Idaho’s Governor Brad Little speaking at the conference. 

Allison Knoll, head of the drama department at Lakeland, enjoys the experience the kids have when going to state. 

“It’s fun to get them into a different environment”

Knoll and the members of the student council get a lot of ideas from the conference, such as the Christmas Wish assembly Lakeland held this past holiday season. 

“Some of our best ideas we learn from the conference,” said Knoll. 

The conference helped student council members learn a lot about school spirit and different things to do to be more spirited. 

Maddie Wiedenhoff, senior ASB President of Lakeland, was a huge part of Lakeland’s involvement in the conference. 

Maddie Wiedenhoff holds a plaque of North Idaho Regional President

Wiendenhoff was chosen to be Region 1 and 2 president, representing all of North Idaho. 

“(Wiendenhoff) had a really big role in the conference,” said Knoll. 

Wiedenhoff was responsible for a lot of the planning that was going on for the conference, meeting up with other regional presidents to help make the conference memorable. 

“I felt so honored. When I first went to that conference my freshman year, I never thought three years later I would be upon the stage,” said Wiedenhoff. 

Michael Wee, a junior at Lakeland who is on the student council, talked about how he hopes Lakeland can be able to host break-out meetings in the near future. 

Another event that members of the student council participated in was a dance that was held Monday night. 

Many members of the student council enjoyed the entire experience of going to state. 

“It was amazing, to say the least, one of the best experiences in high school. Definitely was sad to be the last one” said Wiedenhoff. 

With a group of student council graduating, and a new group coming in as freshmen, lots of new ideas for our school will come along this upcoming school year.