How Necessary Are Your Classes?


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

You’re sitting in a chair listening to whatever it is your teacher is telling you. You’re taking notes, or just trying to understand whatever it is they’re saying, noticing that you have no idea when you’ll use this in your future.

Your teacher tells you that you will use this all the time. For example, Algebra 2 using exponentials or the triangle theorem. What on earth am I gonna use this for? 

Students taking chemistry complain about how stupid some of their projects or assignments are. Though it may be complicated, chemistry is extremely useful in a lot of biological workplaces like marine biology.

Are our electives useful? Yes and no, they take away from students taking classes that truly matter like English, History, Science, and Math. But they help students learn techniques and strategies that could help them figure out what kind of job they want to get into when they’re older.

What classes seem useless but actually teach us a lot? Well, that can be a number of classes but is there such a thing as a class that has no purpose? Probably not.

A high school that allows classes that have no purpose or are designed for the student to not learn anything useful from them wouldn’t be a very good high school.

So when you catch yourself saying, “When am I ever gonna use this?” It’s not that you’re gonna use it, you’re building up that part of your brain to help you learn things you never know you’ll use.

Office Aid can be looked at as extremely useless. Brady Hanna, a junior who takes first-period office aid, seemingly loves it. He goes around delivering notes, answering the phone. 

As a student who pushes himself and takes classes that are hard and does his best in all of them and still has a GPA over 3.5, teacher aid is a place for him to just sit back and relax for an hour.

Teacher Aid is a common class that students take because of how often the teacher may or may not need them. Students would rather have free time and do what they want, which is why the question, “When am I ever gonna use this?” comes into play.

Sadly students have built the mindset of school being fun and about free periods and about friends.