Oversharing on Social Media


Hadley West, Opinions Writer

¨I´m single dhmu #crying¨

¨Come hang my address is 1111 Lakeland Street¨

¨Happy two days babe #wcw¨

Oversharing is the disclosure of an inappropriate amount of detail about one’s personal life. Many people will post everything they are doing or thinking during the day. 

It is unnecessary and can get extremely annoying.

I understand the occasional posting about a special event or something cool you are doing but what the oversharers do not understand is that it can be obnoxious. 

Keira Sawyer, a student at Lakeland High School, gets annoyed by oversharers frequently, ¨ When they post like crying a lot or just random things they don’t need to be sharing. Just personal things that shouldn’t be shared.¨ When asked about what post annoys her. 

Social media is a truly awful thing that probably is what will ruin my generation and many to come. Many parents tend to keep their kids away from social media for as long as possible which I think is a good thing.

John Hatcher, the Lakeland High School armed guard, sees mishaps with kids using social media every day. ¨Many will groom younger kids on social media by saying things like you are beautiful, let me see your room and house, and what does your body look like. The next thing you know you are getting blackmailed… social media also adds to many people´s depression.¨ 

Snapchat has a feature called Snap Maps where you can see where people are, where they have traveled, and whether or not they are on their phone. On my snap maps, I can see hundreds of people across the U.S. and others in Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska. 

This feature can be used against you very easily and can put many young adults in danger. Eight of the twelve students in Journalism claim to have their snap maps on most of the time. 

Social Media can be a good thing in some aspects, but I think it is dangerous and overused. Writing this article opened my eyes to the oversharing I do, for example, I am going to turn off my Snap Map and stop letting people I do not know follow me on social media.