History of History Teacher Haynes


Haynes, pictured sporting a dress, honored his bet this year to wear a dress to school if students raised enough money during the Battle for the Paddle.

Avery Scott-Fudge, Features Writer

Nick Haynes is an AP World History, Law and Order, and Government teacher at Lakeland High School. 

He started his journey in the Lakeland School District 22 years ago at Timberlake in 2000. He was hired as a seventh-grade history teacher and also taught P.E. up until 2004. 

Next, he transferred to Lakeland Junior High, and taught ninth-grade World History, when the junior high had ninth grade as well. When ninth grade was moved to the high school he never left here. 

His A.P. World History class was added to the school three years ago.

When asked why he teaches A.P. he said, “My brain got numb supervising kids in a gym.”

However, he always enjoyed history and sports in school and said he got really good grades in P.E. He also said he always wanted to be a coach and was involved in Lakeland sports for over a decade, coaching soccer and basketball. 

Nick Haynes is arguably one of the best teachers in the school. 

A.P classes are known for being difficult, however, Haynes’ exceptional teaching ability makes it easier. 

Former A.P. World History student Jameson Elliott stated, “(Haynes is) laid back but also gets the teaching done. I thought it (A.P.) would be a hard class but he made it easier and taught it well.” 

To earn college credit, A.P. students need to receive a 3 or better on the exam. Elliott received a 4, and Haynes had a 92 percent pass rate in his class, which was 41 percent higher than the state average, and 32% higher than the national average. 

Haynes also puts a lot of extra effort into his Law and Order classes. He organizes an annual field trip to the Federal Courthouse, to educate students about the law. They sit on court cases and can interview judges. 

Haynes’ last class that he teaches at LHS is Government. This is a required course for all seniors at Lakeland High School. 

Clearly, he makes classes fun for students at the high school in addition to successfully passing a lot of AP students with his great teaching style. 

Haynes added, “I like my job because every day is different, there is variety, expect the unexpected.”

Nick Haynes has been teaching for 22 years strong and has no plans to stop soon.