Super Bowl Thoughts


Liam Bradford, Sports Editor

The Los Angeles Rams are Super Bowl champions for the first time since 2000 and the second time in franchise history. They defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the big game, 23-20 on Feb. 13. 

It was a battle between the four-seed from the NFC and the four-seed from the AFC. Personally, I was glad to see new fresh faces in the super bowl and not Tom Brady for the millionth time. The Rams entered the game six-point favorites, but many people were very bought into the Bengals after eliminating the top two teams in the AFC.  

The game started with a touchdown for the longtime star, Odell Beckham Jr., who tore his ACL on the next drive. However, Beckham did finally receive his first super bowl ring after seven seasons in the NFL, satisfying a generation of children who used to shout “OBJ” while attempting a one-handed catch. 

The Bengals star-studded receiving core was their claim to fame entering the big game, and all three big names on the depth chart at wideout for the Bengals played very well in the super bowl. Tyler Boyd caught five passes for 48 yards, Ja’marr Chase caught five passes for 89 yards, and Tee Higgins caught four passes for 100 yards and two touchdowns. 

The Offensive Player of the Year, Cooper Kupp, also played a fantastic game in the super bowl, catching eight passes for 92 yards and two touchdowns. Kupp caught a good majority of his catches at the end of the game as the fourth quarter clock was winding down. The connection between Stafford and Kupp was ultimately too strong for Cincinnati. 

Despite Jalen Ramsey having a rough game and getting cooked by Bengals receivers on multiple occasions, Aaron Donald and Von Miller dominated on the line and came up with two sacks each. Donald finished the game by pressuring Joe Burrow and causing an incomplete pass to clinch a second franchise ring for LA. 

Football season has officially come to a close, and now it is time to watch everyone anticipate which team Aaron Rodgers and Russel Wilson will go to. My way too early record predictions for next season are as follows:

AFC West: 

Kansas City Chiefs(13-4)

Los Angeles Chargers(11-6)

Denver Broncos(9-8)

Las Vegas Raiders(7-10)

AFC South:

Tennessee Titans(11-6)

Indianapolis Colts(10-7)

Jacksonville Jaguars(5-12)

Houston Texans(3-14)

AFC North: 

Baltimore Ravens(11-6)

Cincinnati Bengals(11-6)

Cleveland Browns(7-10)

Pittsburgh Steelers(6-11)

AFC East: 

Buffalo Bills(14-3)

New England Patriots(8-9)

Miami Dolphins(7-10)

New York Jets(3-14)

NFC West: 

Los Angeles Rams(12-5)

San Francisco 49ers(12-5)

Arizona Cardinals(10-7)

Seattle Seahawks(8-9)

NFC South: 

New Orleans Saints(11-6)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(10-7)

Carolina Panthers(8-9)

Atlanta Falcons(4-13)
NFC North: 

Minnesota Vikings(11-6)

Green Bay Packers(10-7)

Detroit Lions(6-11)

Chicago Bears(3-14)

NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys(12-5)

Philadelphia Eagles(8-9)

Washington Commanders(6-11)

New York Giants(4-13)