Kickin’ It at Lakeland


Photo: Zack Roses

Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Sneaker culture has been taking Lakeland High School by storm. More and more students around the high school have been stepping up their shoe game. 

One junior, Jameson Elliott, has spotted the recent uptick in interest for shoes. “I’ve definitely seen more people step up their shoe game more and more around school,” Elliot said. 

Kage Weil, a freshman, thinks that it’s a good thing.  “I think an increase of more people wearing sneakers at Lakeland is good. The shoes are cool and it’s cool to see them in person,” Weil said.

Elliot sees it as a double-edged sword. “It can be a negative thing if people are spending all of their money on shoes. Although, it can be a good thing because it gives people more confidence when they have a cool pair of shoes on.”

Students are constantly paying high prices when it comes to getting the newest releases. Oftentimes, prices will often rise above double the original price due.

This phenomenon can be easily explained. 

Many shoes when released have very low supply and high demand, which creates hype around the idea that the pair of sneakers being purchased are rare. When a hyped shoe is released, most stores have a raffle system to decide who gets the pairs. 

If someone misses out on the chance to buy them at release, then they have to go to websites like StockX or GOAT to find the shoe. 

“Shoes cost so much now because of the limited availability and the hype around them. People who often do get the shoes can sell them for higher prices and make some money off of it,” Elliot explained.

A great way to save some money when purchasing a pair is to buy a used pair. Although the shoe might be beaten up, it can half the cost of paying for a new pair.

As with anything, people have their preferences. 

One of the most common models around Lakeland is the Air Jordan 1 Low. Originally it is modeled after the original 1985 pairs, but can be seen throughout the halls around the school. This shoe can set a student back anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars depending on the size and color. 

“My favorite model definitely are Jordan’s. Even though I don’t have a pair, Air Jordan 4s are the best. They are the best looking and most stylish,” Weil said.

Elliot contrasted his opinion: “my personal favorite shoe is the Air Jordan 1. They look good with everything and there are so many different colorways.”