PD Cruiser Wrapped in Green and Gold


Malia Batman, Staff Writer

 Officer Hudson and Mr. Hatcher are fellow City of Rathdrum police officers. This year, Officer Hudson got the chance to get a new wrap job done on his police cruiser. 

 Previously, the police cruiser has seen a different wrap with the Lakeland colors, white and green colors. The police cruiser is now in a black wrap with the Lakeland hawk on it. 

Hudson has been a police officer and a resource officer in the City of Rathdrum in the Lakeland district for three years. 

Hatcher has been an armed guard in the Lakeland district for three years now and has been an officer for 13 years. 

 “I always had respect for law enforcement. I was in a drive-by shooting in high school and my friend got shot in the back. The law enforcement treated us awesome, they would let us walk around and we could hop in a car for a ride-along,” stated Hatcher.  

Hatcher says his favorite part about being a positive influence on someone’s life. 

Before getting the current wrap now the police cruiser was white and green without the Lakeland hawk on it.

“It wasn’t the same Hawk, so the idea was to get the Lakeland Hawk on the car to be represented, instead of the previous Hawk,” stated Hudson. 

Officer Hudson has been in the Lakeland District for three years. He has been in Law enforcement for close to 18 years. 

“ I fell into the job after a ride-along during college in Colorado in 1994,” Hudson said. 

The Betty Kiefer Parent Teacher Organization and the local booster club helped fund this so the local police enforcement team could get this done on their car, to show their support to not only Lakeland but to John Brown, Mountain View, and Betty Kiefer. 

 Hudson got a new wrap on his car not only for his long years at Lakeland and in law enforcement but also to represent that Lakeland has the courage of any other school and more. 

“ We were really excited about the new makeover, to represent the courage of the Lakeland students”, Hudson added.  

“ I think it’s awesome and that the kids can be proud of, it shows off school spirit, and it shows that the kids and our community support our local law enforcement which is crucial these days,” Hatcher also added. 

“ We are very happy, Maximum Exposer Wraps ( located in Hayden Idaho) was happy to do this job and to support Lakeland High school ”, Hudson also added. 

This next week, Lakeland teacher Sarah Nave’s class is having a bake sale to help pay and raise money for the wrap getting done on the police cruiser. 

The process for a car to get wrapped can be extensive and expensive. This process includes design, proofing, printing, installing, inspecting, educating, and delivering.