Let’s Limit the PDA


Hadley West, Opinions Writer

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner no one wants to be alone, love is flourishing around the halls and many students are rushing to find their Valentine.

But, watching anyone show acts of public display of affection, or PDA, is awkward and gives people around a weird feeling. 

Many students are in a stage of their life where they have not developed the skills to not be awkward with their significant other. They end up hugging awkwardly which makes bystanders feel that much more second-hand awkwardness and once in a while may witness a fellow student’s first kiss. 

Obviously, students will date each other and want to have a quick smooch before and after class so p.d.a. occurs a lot in Lakeland halls. Many couples may think they are super cute spreading cooties across the school, whereas the bystanders may have a different opinion. 

When I asked Jimmy Hoffman, the assistant principal, about the subject he said, ¨I don´t know how students feel about PDA, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.¨

When I asked if there is punishment when students do PDA, he said, ¨When I see too much PDA I say, hey love birds break it up… If it becomes a consistent problem steps are taken to stop it.¨ 

According to the LHS Student Handbook, ¨Students should refrain from kissing and embracing while on school grounds. Public display of affection is not allowed.¨ 

On the other side of the argument is from the couples; John Cornish and Ella McReynolds are a well-known couple at Lakeland.

When I talked to John Cornish about the matter he said, ¨When you first get a boyfriend or girlfriend you are just trying to get closer to them. You are just trying to make them feel good and showing them that you don’t care what other people think of you.¨

I think both sides of this argument are true, but I lean toward the side of the teachers because I think that affection should be a private thing between the couple. Obviously students will hold hands, hug, and kiss, but the couples that makeout is a little much.

With Feb. 14 next week I think LHS students should switch PDA with a firm handshakes with your significant other.