New Clubs at Lakeland


Rachel Foreman, Staff Writer

There are many new clubs at Lakeland that students can be a part of, like JSA, KEY club, creative writing, and gaming club. 

In JSA you have the opportunity to talk politics and debate with other people. In the club you get to research a topic for 5 minutes, after your research you have a couple of minutes to make your case on your topic. After you make your case other people are able to voice their opinion on the topic and have a conversation. 

JSA meets every Tuesday from 2:15-3:00, this club can be beneficial for people who want to learn how to debate and be confident in their ability to have a conversation with other students.

In KEY club you volunteer to help the community. This club will volunteer at food banks and host clothing drives, and any other activity that can help people. This club can be beneficial to students if they want to help out the community and get volunteer hours if you need them for college applications. 

This club has a 10$ fee to join and meets every Wednesday. 

Another new club at Lakeland is the creative writing club, in the club, you will have many different writing activities, one activity that is participated by students is being given a picture and writing a story about that picture. 

This club can improve students writing skills and promote being creative. This club is held every Monday after school.

Another club that may be fun for students in the gaming club. The purpose of the gaming club is to have fun and be creative through playing a variety of tabletop games face to face. Magic: The Gathering involves 2 or more players.  Weekly sessions are open to any student from new to experienced

Other games in the club include Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Hyperborea, Stars without Number, and more. You will also get to play popular board games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Tsuro of the Seas, Ticket to Ride, and more. These games can help inspire creativity, encourage teamwork, and increase problem-solving skills.

You can participate in the gaming club every Monday in the library from 2:15 pm- 3:30 pm.

¨I’m excited to have all these new clubs at Lakeland, I like to see students participate in school activities and their hobbies¨ said principal Mr. Derrick.

If you are interested in any of these clubs you can still join