Defensive Standout

Loutzenhiser brings toughness to Lakeland Hawks basketball team


Avery Scott-Fudge, Features Writer

There are many promising juniors on the Lakeland boys basketball team; among them is star Caysen Loutzenhiser, who benefits the Hawks in more ways than one. 

He earned himself an integral spot as a result of his solid defensive play that recently landed the Hawks three-straight wins, including two against rival Sandpoint, one of which was crucial to delivering Lakeland a three-peat in Battle for the Paddle. 

Loutzenhiser is a 6 foot 3 inches forward who has already had an impact on the court and is known for his defensive tenacity. 

There is no recorded statistic that can measure Loutzenhiser’s contribution to the court and his value on the defensive side of the ball. 

However, first-year varsity boys basketball coach Tony Hanna had some insight on the importance of Loutzenhiser in their starting lineup. 

“Caysen is an excellent defender and brings an added element of toughness. He does a good job of keeping other teams’ post players away from the hoop,” Coach Hanna.

However, Loutzenhiser’s value to the team stretches far beyond the basketball court. While he is a good player, he also represents his team and the program’s entirety well. 

“Caysen is the kind of player I love to coach,” Hanna said. “He maintains a super high level of character on and off the floor.” 

Loutzenhiser brings an optimistic presence to the locker room and always pushes his teammates to be the best version of themselves.

“He really seems to push everyone else around them to do their best as well, no matter the situation,” team manager Brady Hanna said. “and reach their best potential.” 

Loutzenhiser’s ability to push his teammates is invaluable to his team, and his work ethic is infectious throughout the boys’ basketball team. 

Loutzenhiser also has good communication and chemistry with his teammates on and off the basketball court. Senior starter Bryce Henry had this to say, “(Caysen is a) very social and nice guy.” 

Loutzenhiser said, “I have bonded with my teammates… we are a lot closer now than at the beginning of the year.”

Loutzenhiser’s star defensive play that anchors the Hawks on that end of the ball, his receptiveness to coaching as stated by Coach Hanna, and his chemistry with his teammates are all things that provide a boost to the Hawks basketball program on and off the floor. 

Coming off a hard-fought win against Post Falls, Loutzenhiser and the Hawks look to keep rolling on the road against the Lewiston Bengals.