Sophomores Visit KTEC


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

Sophomore students took a trip to visit Kootenai Technical Education Campus (KTEC) on February 4. 

KTEC has many different programs that juniors and seniors can partake in ranging from health professions/CNA to industrial welding and metal fabrication.

Frank Vieira helped arrange this visit that helped many students get to know their different options. 

“It was a very successful trip. I observed students enjoying the tour and getting really excited about the programs they offer. I think KTEC is a wonderful opportunity to give a head start to our students in different fields or give them some extra tools in their toolbox of life to help them down the road, even if they do not pursue a career in the program they are taking.” 

This trip gave sophomore students the opportunity to see their options for next year. 

For many students, this visit opened their eyes to an amazing opportunity for their next couple of years of high school.

Baylee Frank is very grateful for this free option that Lakeland provides. 

“The field trip was pretty fun. I learned there are a lot of cool options to choose from at KTEC. I’m not sure if I want to go to KTEC yet, but it was helpful to show options of what I could do if I were to go there.”

Another student, Jilliam Smith was thankful for the opportunity to see what KTEC offers, but she does not think it is the right fit for her. 

“The field trip was fun and cool to see all the things that can be done hands-on. Although what I wanted to do wasn’t shown at KTEC, I know that they offer things in every area.”

For other students like Treyton Quintana, this field trip was reassurance that he still wanted to attend KTEC. 

“I didn’t really learn anything new about KTEC because I had already done a field trip there in eighth grade, so it was more just a refresher of memory” Quintana stated. “I planned on going to KTEC and still plan on going to KTEC primarily for the nursing course that it has because those interest me.” 

Another student who is also planning on attending is Hailey Wear.

“The field trip was entertaining. The nursing program looked interesting to me and it made me more excited to be able to go next year.” 

Natalie Herold learned from the trip that KTEC would be a good fit for her. 

“When I learned that they had a nursing program, it really made up my mind about going there. Seeing the students working in the classroom made me really interested in going next year for the nursing classes.” 

This field trip opened a lot of people’s minds to the idea of going to KTEC  for the next two years of their high school career.