An End of an Era


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Ever since the beginning of the 2020 to 2021 school year, Rebecca Hasz, a Spanish teacher at Lakeland High School, has been providing food to her students, primarily pop-tarts. However, at the end of the year, she put an end to the distribution of the delicious tarts.

Hasz’s original intentions of the pop-tarts were to help feed her students around Lakeland who just needed something to eat. However, it quickly became unmanageable once the masses heard about her offer of pop-tarts.

“I originally had pop-tarts in my room to help give food to hungry students. It quickly got out of control because of the demand of so many students wanting them. I stopped it at the end of last year because students from outside of my classes started coming in for the pop-tarts,” Hasz stated. 

The Spanish teacher also saw pop-tarts as a great way to connect with her students. 

“I think it’s important for students and teachers to have a relationship, and food is a great way for people to connect. It’s up to the teacher to decide how to do that,” Hasz expressed. 

Students did appreciate the pop-tarts and food that Hasz provided. One of Hasz’s past students who took advantage of the pop-tarts, Cody Morse, stated, “It’s definitely important for students and teachers to connect. Teachers can keep it simple with either food or even talking to them before class.”

Hasz isn’t the only teacher who helps provide for students. Colleen Bevacqua sells water bottles to students for 25 cents and donates to different fundraisers around Lakeland. 

“It started a couple of years ago… it originally started as a way for students to start drinking more water. I donate all the money to whatever philanthropy that the high school is supporting at the moment, whether it be Battle for the Paddle, Homecoming, or the backpack program,” stated Bevacqua.

One issue with her water bottles is the plastic. However, she does try to get as many students as possible to recycle them.

Bevacqua also stated, “I have current students, former students, and even some I’ve never had in class come in and get some water. It gives me an opportunity to have a quick conversation with them and for them to drink some water.

Hasz now has gum for her students only. 

“Last year for me it was pop-tarts and now this year its gum”.