New Semester, New Schedules


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

With a new semester starting, students’ schedules are changing to accommodate the second half of the year.

Most students have made a routine of their daily schedule and the order of their classes. With the second semester arriving, some students have to change their schedule and become used to it.

Zoee Young is an example of a student whose schedule has changed.

“The new schedule is going to feel weird for a while. My fourth and fifth periods, math, and weights switched. It will be hard to get used to having my two classes flipped. Now, I have to do weights before lunch, and I have to run out to my car before lunch and grab my stuff. It’s a little annoying having to figure out my schedule, but it isn’t too big of a deal.”

Young also mentioned, “Even though my schedule is in a different order now, it isn’t that big of a deal. I will get used to it pretty fast. There isn’t much negative to say about it.”

Another student, Riley Derbyshire, is also trying to get used to the new schedule change.

“It’s hard because since schedules are changing, I barely get to see my friends anymore. I have to run back and forth across the school more. I also got a new teacher for math applications, which will be hard to get used to.”

Derbyshire said, “my sixth period was also changed from food and nutrition to computer applications. The changes are hard to get used to, and it will take me some time to adjust.”

Teachers at Lakeland also have to adjust to their new semester’s daily routine.

Ms. Shannon Hall, an English teacher at Lakeland, is adjusting to her class changes.

“First semester, I had two electives, movies as literature and modern fiction, that have now changed to my sections of senior English 175 classes. I liked the new electives that I taught this fall, but I also enjoy teaching English 175 and diving deeply into advanced literature. Both the electives as well as the English 175 classes are fun to teach, and both have awesome students.”

Hall also stated, “the new schedule has messed up my routine a bit because my prep period moved from 4th period to 2nd period. I am not a fan of morning preps since I am a morning person, but other than that, I am settling into the new semester.”

With the new semester, both students and teachers are adjusting to their new schedules and getting back into the flow of the second half of the 2021-2022 year.