Coming at You Live …


Sam Fuller, News Editor

Lakeland High School’s very own journalism class has recently started a new project of broadcasting varsity basketball games and wrestling matches. 

The games are broadcasted live on Hello Hawks YouTube channel for every home game. 

Liam Bradford, David Tesch, and Colin Killian were given an opportunity to do something they had never done before. 

David Tesch, the senior editor-in-chief in the Lakeland journalism class, has jumped on this opportunity and the benefits that come with it.

“Mr. Dunn and Mrs. Knoll offered us this opportunity, and I previously had experience with broadcasting via football and basketball games, so it was a really great opportunity.” 

Colin Killian, a sports writer, also has been very gracious about this opportunity given to him. 

“It’s something that I love, and I enjoy it tremendously. I love doing the broadcasting for wrestling because it is something I have a passion for.” 

Sophomore sports editor Liam Bradford has jumped on this chance to be able to broadcast online. 

“Most of the inspiration came from Mr. Mark Gorton, and we saw him and decided that we wanted to do something similar, but doing play-by-plays. It was just a spontaneous thought that ended up working out and started this whole process,” Bradford stated. “I have always been interested in broadcasting. When I was younger, I would always turn the volume down on the TV so that I could announce the games myself.” 

Without the Booster Club, this process would have been a lot harder, and the support that comes from the club has helped the journalism class tremendously. 

“The Booster Club has really helped us with promoting the broadcast. I have had tons of people come up to me saying they love the broadcast and what we are doing. It really is a great feeling,” Bradford said.

Bradford loves being a part of broadcasting the games and getting to experience something not many people do in High School. 

“I love watching the big plays, getting excited and screaming for our team. It is something I have always wanted to do, and it is a lot of fun,” Bradford mentioned. 

There have been some challenges that come naturally with this new broadcasting experience. 

Killian experienced some of his own issues while learning the ropes of broadcasting. 

“You have to make sure that you don’t say anything bad or offensive, so that is always my biggest worry, but overall the experience has been a lot of fun.” 

Tesch has also come across a few problems while broadcasting, but he has consistently managed to solve the issues. 

“There have been a few technical difficulties that we have run into, like microphone sensitivity, starting the broadcast in time, and other tiny issues like that. They are always easy fixes though.”

The Lakeland broadcasting crew will be broadcasting all events for Battle for the Paddle on Jan. 21.