Fundraisers & Battle for the Paddle


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

It’s that time of the year, Battle for the Paddle is right around the corner. Planning to take place on Friday, Jan. 21 against Sandpoint.

This is one of the most important days/events in the entire school year especially because a huge majority of the two schools buy their tickets to go. Also, the Lakeland leadership class has come up with multiple ways to raise money for the week. 

Tickets are being sold as of January 13th-14th by the Social Bean. For $10 you will receive a ticket or if you’re wanting to show more of your Lakeland Spirit it’s $20 for a Welcome to the Jungle Spirit Pack that’s filled with items to wear for the theme (T-shirt, glowstick, etc).

On Saturday, Jan. 15, there will be a neon dance in the Lakeland gym from 8 pm to 10 pm; single tickets are $8 and couples tickets are $12. Also, our school has the opportunity to fundraise through Buffalo Wild Wings which will be taking place the following Monday. 

The week of Battle for the Paddle is a Spirit Week:

  • Monday: NO SCHOOL (MLK DAY)
  • Tuesday: Cops & Robbers
  • Wednesday: Anything but a backpack
  • Thursday: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Friday: Extreme Green & Gold.

Not only are all of these fun dances and events happening, but we are also having a penny drive. The money that is raised has three outcomes, the first being the sole purpose which is to give schools, in need of backpacks or other school supplies, the money they need.

The second being a way to get a good laugh from the students and staff; a handful of teachers have chosen a dare that they will perform or do if the desired money goal is reached. The 3rd outcome, which helps motivate the student body, is the 2nd period class who wins the penny drive will receive a prize like a donut or pizza party.

Though, there are a few students who don’t attend Battle for the Paddle for their own reasons. Others like myself could be excited or hesitant about going especially because they’ve never been and don’t know what to expect.