Simon Says


David Tesch, Editor-in-Chief

Whenever you attend a Girls Varisty Basketball game, a name that you will hear not once, but twice. That would be the Simon Sisters. 

Kenna and Landree Simon are three-sport athletes at Lakeland, who play volleyball, basketball, and track. 

The Simon sisters grew up in Athol, Idaho, attending Garwood Elementary School as youngins. 

Their father, who played basketball, had a lot of influence on them at a young age and helped them get into sports, especially basketball. 

Growing up, they were never on the same sports team, due to the age difference between the two. That didn’t stop them from being competitive with each other and helping the other become better. 

Coach Steve Seymour, Varsity Head Coach at Lakeland who has been coaching for over 30 years stated that it’s “pretty cool” to have both sisters starting on the varsity level. Both of them are hard workers and strive to be the best they can be. 

“It’s definitely really weird, it can be frustrating since it’s your sister” Kenna stated when asked how it’s like to have Landree on varsity. 

Kenna Simon is junior 6-foot power forward, who is in her second year as a starter on varsity with some playing time in her freshman year. 

Kenna was a big part of the 2020 volleyball team that won the 4A State Championship. 

Coach Seymour has been coaching Kenna since she entered high school, with getting limited minutes during her freshman year, but starting both sophomore and junior year. 

“Voice of the team, if something needs to be said, her voice will be heard” Seymour stated about Kenna’s impact on the team. 

Landree Simon is a 5’11 point guard, who is in her freshman year of high school and starting for the varsity basketball team and volleyball team, yet basketball is her favorite sport to play. 

Landree shows a level of maturity to the team, and even though she may be a freshman, her impact is already huge. 

“(Landree) doing a good job stepping into a starting position, playing this many minutes as a freshman,” Seymour said about her impact on the team. 

“Gonna have a tremendous high school career,” Coach Seymour said about Landree Simon’s future at Lakeland High School.