Should There Have Been A Snow Day?


Student Garrett Love walking into school late

Melia Blackwell, Zack Roses, Opinions Writer

The Kootenai school district had a plan to give the districts a snow day on Jan. 6. The staff and students within the district were convinced that our snow day would happen and was prepared to not even show up.

Doctor Meyer, the superintendent representing all the schools, has decided we will have school resulting in the students and staff being outraged. Students who can drive don’t have enough experience in the snow to perform safely on the roads.

The majority of teachers in the Lakeland and Post Falls school districts were expecting the school to be canceled this Thursday morning. 

As a Lakeland student, and having multiple friends in the student body who have similar mindsets, having to go to school was shocking to all of them and they weren’t in any way motivated to show up.

Sandpoint school district closed its schools because of the snow, which affected the Lakeland basketball games. Tonight the JV and C team was supposed to play, girls and boys. 

We just so happened to have a snow day the following day, January 7th. Which made up for the letdown and disappointment across all staff/students.

The part that confused most was how Friday the 7th was better weather and had clearer roads for student drivers. 

Some could say it was only canceled to make up for the disappointment of Thursday, but others could argue it’s because it was easier to call a snow day the day before the weekend instead of a random day in the week forcing students to come back afterward.

With the three-day weekend, students were showing up late and some may notice their complaints about being tired, not wanting to get out of bed, and how they debated on just skipping.

The roads have been quite icy and not the best since Friday, at least in the cold morning air, the water turns to slush with the rain and freezes so it’s hard and uneven so it’s bumpy and slippery which isn’t very fun to drive in.

There were a handful of students, including myself, that didn’t care whether we had a snow day or not but did see the weather and question why we were showing up Thursday and skipping the next even though the weather Friday was one of the best days we’ve had during the mid-winter.