High Flying Star on Basketball


Garrett Love, Sports Writer

When it comes to student-athletes at Lakeland, Bryce Henry is the perfect example. Henry is a very smart and very athletic student. He continues to maintain excellent grades while handling being one of the starters on the Boy’s basketball team.

Henry was born in Spokane and has lived in this area his entire life. He went to John brown for elementary and Lakeland Junior High School for middle school.

Henry said, “I love school because of the social aspect and getting to see my friends and keep good grades. It has been very easy because my dad pushes me to keep high grades and staying in the same area this entire time has made it very easy for me to have friends.”

When asked what got him into basketball and why he chose it Henry said, “I got into basketball because of my dad and brother.” Henry’s older brother started on Lakeland’s basketball team when he was in elementary.

His dad also played at Lakeland and later went on to play basketball and Big Bend Community College. “My dad is one of the best basketball players I’ve seen just from watching his highlights and my brother and I used to play really competitive in one-vs-one and horse so that was fun”.

Henry also stated, “I and very sad it’s my senior year because I’m going to miss all the boys from the basketball team and all my friends that I’ve been with forever.”. 

One of Henry’s idols and persons he looks up to for basketball is Steph Curry. “Curry is my favorite NBA player and I look up to him because he is good and I like the way he plays,” Henry said.

Henry used to work at Silverwood last summer at the basketball 3-point challenge because he likes basketball his dad works there. This summer he will be working at a golf course with Grant Roth.

After high school, Henry said, “doesn’t know where I want to go but after high school, I will decide where I want to go to play basketball and I’m really looking forward to it.”