No One Wants to Work


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

Ever since COVID hit, the government has been handing out money to people who meet the standards. With that people have been extremely lazy, and not getting out as much.

After 2020, people have decided to just keep that habit going. People realized they were getting paid more from the government if they did nothing unlike actually going in and working.

A good majority of people have realized that we should move back out of that phase in order to go back to being what could be considered “normal” but sadly a lot of businesses are still low on staff.

Fuke, a popular entertainment restaurant, has days where people simply don’t want to show up to work or they don’t have enough people to come in for that day so they simply have to close. 

Sadly, even though people are hiring, some businesses are so picky with their employees and who they want to hire that they aren’t actually hiring many people and are still low on staff resulting in them losing a business day.

Dairy Queen is an extremely popular fast food restaurant especially here in Rathdrum. In this small town we don’t really have many options for fast food unlike Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls.

Although it is a popular place, they are suddenly losing staff due to simply now wanting to come in. a majority of the employees happen to be teenagers who go to the highschool right next door.

Highschoolers are a huge part of the “not wanting to work” group. Of course there are the students who work as much as they can and are doing well but we all know a teenager who just simply doesn’t want to do anything.

What is upsetting is how people complain about lines at restaurants being slow/taking too long but they don’t think about the fact that people simply don’t want to show up.

There are places that are willing to hire anyone but a lot of people don’t want to work in that type of environment or do that specific job. It’s easy to argue that if teenagers started working and people would move out of the “free money” phase, our lives would eventually go back to normal.