Lady Hawks Fall Short Againest Lewiston

David Tesch, Editor-in-Chief

The Lady Hawks went up against the Lewiston Bengals on December 10th, in which the Hawks lost 36-49. 

Lakeland Hawks Addie Kiefer and Kenna Simon scored double-digit points, which Kiefer scored 20, while also getting 16 rebounds, five steals, and three assists. Simon scored 12 points for the Hawks. 

Only two other players on the Hawks were able to score points, with Ziya Munyer scoring one and Landree Simon scoring three. 

Lewiston Bengals were able to spread the ball out more, with multiple players scoring double digits. 

Bengals Katy Wessels led Lewiston with 17 points. Zoie Kessinger hit two 3-pointers and added 13 points and Ahnika U’Ren had nine points, all on 3s.

At the start of the game, the Hawks were looking to bounce back after a disappointing loss against the Post Falls Trojans. 

In the first quarter, the Hawks were able to tally 12 points, with Addie Kiefer scoring five of those points

Lewiston took the lead at the end of the quarter, scoring 14 points and Katy Wessels scoring more than half of the points, with eight. 

With a close game, both teams scored under ten points in the 2nd quarter, with a total of nine for the Hawks, Addie Kiefer scoring seven of the points. 

Lewiston was only able to score seven points, with Zoie Kessinger scoring five points in the second quarter. 

Entering the half, with the score being 21-21, both teams needed to get some momentum and pull ahead of the other team. The Lewiston Bengals did just that, with the Bengals tallying 12 points and the Hawks only scoring five, with Addie Kiefer scoring all the points in the third quarter. 

Only being behind by seven points, the Hawks were fighting to get back into the game and come away with a win. The Bengals had other plans for the Hawks though. 

In the final quarter, the Bengals scored a quarter-high 16 points, with the Hawks only scoring ten points, Kenna Simon scoring six points in the final quarter of the game. 

The Lewiston Bengals came away with the win at Lakeland with the final score being 49-36. 

The Lakeland Hawk’s next game will be Tuesday, December 14th against the Coeur D Alene Vikings. 

The Lewiston Bengals next game will be Friday, December 17th against the Sandpoint Bulldogs.