Walt Wednesday


Samantha Fuller , News Editor

“True friend of each student, staff member, and community member.  He was a true Hawk,” Principal Trent Derrick said about Walt Glass, a custodian at Lakeland High School. 

In memory and support for Glass’ family, the school has had a few days of “Walt Wednesday.”

Walt Wednesday is a hat day where students pay one dollar to wear a hat in school for the day. This fundraiser is in commemoration of Glass’ passing and helping his family. 

The school raised about $11,500 from the three hat days that Lakeland held, which is very close to their original goal. 

The money will be used to help Glass’ wife, Connie with her financial needs and help support her through this hard time. 

Glass always wore a hat every day that he came into work. He especially loved cowboy hats and had a huge collection. It seemed to be the perfect fundraiser in order to celebrate Walt’s life and the impact he had on the school. 

Glass worked at Lakeland High School for about 28 years. He had a huge impact on the school and brought smiles to everyone’s faces. 

Walt always walked into work every day with a smile on his face and always thinking on the positive side. 

Teachers at Lakeland always relied on Glass as a friend. Mr. Rick Anderson developed a true friendship with Glass. 

He was the first friend I made when I came to work here. He and I would spend an hour each afternoon after school talking about the issues of the day. I know that Walt had that effect on many people here in that when speaking to him, you were speaking to a good friend.”

Glass truly lived an eventful life. Mr. Anderson made great memories and heard great stories from Glass as he worked at the school. 

“Most people don’t know this but, NBC made a television show about Walt in the 1970s. It was called  Emergency. It was about the first paramedics in L.A. Walt was in the first graduating class of paramedics. Every time I see that show on the old networks, I think of Walter.”

Students at Lakeland are also very glad to help out by wearing a hat to school with a small price of one dollar. 

Hans Pluid stated, “I like it because you get to wear a hat and not have to take it off (except for the pledge) and the money goes to a good cause, so why not.” 

Makayla Lopin, a student council member also appreciated Walt Wednesday and what it does to the high school community. 

“I love Walt Wednesday because it gives the students a chance to participate in a good cause.” 

Everyone loves the idea of Walt Wednesday and the cause it is going to. 

All three of the Walt Wednesdays have been a major success, and the students have enjoyed the opportunity to wear and hat and help out with the cause.